Fair Use
Fair Use was a performative exhibition revolving around the act of pushing production methods to unreasonable limits and its effect on the work we produce and consume.

In collaboration with Nathan Levasseur, we created an identity, website and exhibition catalogue to promote Fair Use. I printed the catalogue on a RISO RZ390.

Branding, Print Design, and Web Design

Carepackage is a collective working with the aim of creating and celebrating underrepresented communities. As co-founder, I am responsible for creating the overall visual identity, as well as the branding and promotion for individual events.

For each event, I lead a team of staff and volunteers in different stages, as well as recruit and facilitate talent.

Art Direction, Branding, and Event Promotion

Hotline Party
In collaboration with Anna Olaes Parker and Sarah Ahmad, we created & hosted a multi-disciplinary showcase entitled “Hotline Party” featuring Canadian artists & musicians.

We successfully developed a unique identity and created a minimal, but highly effective advertising campaign using social media to reach our target audience.

Visual Identity, Event Promotion, and Photography

Fake Week
Fake Week was an editorial campaign aimed at engaging the SSENSE audience around a conceptual subject matter: the current obsession with fakeness VS. authenticity.

I was responsible for creating the overall direction and visuals for the campaign, which referenced popular bootleg fashion.

Design, Art Direction, and Production

General Concern
Under the art direction of Mazi Javidiani, I was responsible for the design and product photography for General Concern, an online retailer and design studio.

Both design and photography were kept minimal in order to let the products and their quality speak for themselves.

Graphic Design, Photography, and Web Design